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The Boys Season 2 Trailer 2020 - Homelander vs Stormfront and Justice League Easter Eggs

Butcher? What  happened. My wife, she's alive. Vought's holding her captive somewhere. And right now, we're in a little bit of trouble. Are you screwin with us? Listen, this  is a mess. We're the most wanted lads in the country. We got supe terrorists And we got no superheroes Hi! I'm Stormfront. Who? I'm the new girl. Wonderful! So what's your big plan? We'll take down vought, and I get my wife back. We're in. Of course we're in More Superterrorists will come. For all we know, these maniacs could be waiting for their chance to kill us all Who are you I'm just trying to help. Really? How. We are in a war, but we can fight back with an army of supermen a million strong No don't be a p*** and laser my t*ts .

She's got a whole army of supes, we gotta stop her. We need more supers! Aright, what do we do? We can't just kill everyone. That's exactly what we're gonna do. Oh, great! Cool! Totally. We just need to keep it together a little while longer You guys go ahead. You guys go ahead. I'm good. Aright, hands in the air. Like you just don't care. Kill. Welcome back everyone it's Charlie. This is going to be my new boys season 2 trailer. So much stuff in this to break down somany Easter eggs. So if you're new to the channel Be sure to subscribe to get everything. I willbe doing videos for all the episodes this season and as you can see from the trailerfootage it way way crazier than season one. So to start at the beginning of this and workthrough shot by shot. and just do easter eggs as we go along. It opens with butcher at the end of seasonone.

After Homelander forcibly took it to his ex-wife'shouse to show him that she was still alive, and just throw Homelander Superboy love childwith her in his face, but the thing you been mad at me for this whole time. The reason why you want to kill me becauseyou think I killed your wife didn't happen. She's been alive this whole time and she nevertold you then Butcher later implies when he is talking to the rest the team trying torally them get them behind his caused to go after the seven and save his wife. He says he believes that Vought is been holdingher captive this whole time and that's why she didn't reach out to tell them the goodbook about was explained to Homelander last season they wanted to give his son the Superboya chance at a normal life that he would be such a psychopath like Homelander becauseGiancarlo Esposito's character is the one is actually running.

Vought American he's theone in charge. I wouldn't put it past him to actually legendhold her hostage in this situation like you played by our rules and do what we say andwill make sure you're taking care of otherwise will kill you to keep you from being a liabilityto Homelander, because the pothole things that they want to control Homelander can controlthe narrative around superheroes. Now this and funny scenes later in the trailerof him showing up later to show his son teach about a fly just pushing him off the roofclassic 80s dad move like throwing your son in the pool in order to teach about a swimwhen the season begins though there is a moderate time jump.

They might have just a quick moment the beginningto address what happened at the end of last season. But then the actual season picks up aftera time jump when butcher shows up he's been missing for a while so there's a movie thatthey made for the boys that the air after the season two finale that'll explain what hewas doing during that missing time. Then there's a big montage of the boys simultaneouslygoing on the run because there's outstanding warrant for their arrest. The whole world is looking for them then theydiscussed taking out the new super villains that Stormfront kept talking about but yousee them with Cameco taking on a bunch of other superpower people throughout the trailerits imply that there quote of quote superheroes, but it sounds more like people that Stormfrontin Vought are manipulated to just help control their narrative and get people more riledup about supers in the military.

Remember the whole reason why Vought evencreates superheroes is purely for merchandising in making more money. They don't care what the superheroes do. They don't even care if they say people inmost of the superheroes themselves are actually that good at using their powers. Reggie pretty terrible. Remember the funny opening scene from seasontwo episode one where he's talking to Giancarlo Esposito about collateral damage.

He says all you know about 30% is in 30% ofthe city will be destroyed that the going to be working in this a really big scene ofHughie just freaking out inside the seven slayer with this giant explosion is also probablyassociated with the starlight scene where she's fighting black noir and he is givingher the business, but she seems like her abilities pretty powerful, because she's able to blasthim and pin him up in the ceiling remember the whole thing during season two is thatstarlight is now full team boys like you see here put these glasses on in this dark jacketlike she's trying to go undercover inside Vought she's informing on the seven for theboys giving butcher information about what they're doing with their plans are so theycan help take them down and accomplish their goal of saving butcher's wife and also dismantlingthe seven from within the black noir is kind of like the sleeper cell inside the sevenhe's the person that Vought uses on the DL to take care of other superpowerful superheroesthat go off the rails and when is a superhero out there that doesn't do what Vought wantsthem to do.

Usually they send black noir to kill themthis with the whole opening scene was with him taking down that quote of quote new supervillain that Homelander secretly artificially created for the very purpose of stoking peopleabout supers in the military like okay were done with him. We don't need him to do anything anymore Jorgensenblack noir to just put him on ice is a really interesting scene of the George Washingtonpicture being sprayed with blood. I also think that's foreshadowing for laterin the series like you think about Pres. George Washington the United States one ofthe episodes is titled the blood he doors off and that gets into the seven and Vought'slong-term plans to put supers in the White House, which is actually the very end of thecomic book story, but here's the thing. The show is already been renewed for seasonthree.

So I'm assuming that the plot of that particularepisode will be very different from the comic book story most of the episode titles hereare actually named from chapters in the comic book but they're already changing a lot ofthe comic book stories all try to point out some of the changes when I do episode videoslove all the footage of Homelander just lays during the crap out of random people likeyou see him in this cabin here. It seems like he's going after the boys inthey maybe just missed them. And he's pitstop the soldier and that's whyhe's blowing them up. Then we actually have to talk about what'sgoing on between Homelander and Stormfront. So you have a lot of Stormfront stuff earlyin the season. It looks like Homelander is pitstop aboutwhat she's doing like, what the hell are you doing who the hell you think you are therea couple reasons why Giancarlo Esposito's character puts her on the seven is the newmember she's really good at manipulating people the way you see Homelander doing during seasonone like he's trying to get the crowd riled up at that big rally.

She's way better that but Homelander isn'treally in on Giancarlo Esposito's plan. So he doesn't know exactly what's going on. That's what he so pitstop her, like, whatis going on. This was supposed to be my plan. What you doing way that all you cash talkedabout her character. She said that obviously he hates her at thevery beginning, but she slowly wins him over, and as you can see they have this really weirdsexual energy between the two of them. So it's kind of like she's replacing Stillwella little bit. Even though she's not a figure of authorityshe's a wield authority over him, but think that Homelander's relationship was Stillwelland all the crazy weird mommy issues that he had that was just the creepiest relationshipever now that just kind of spilled over into this kind of toxic relationship which seemsthat they just absolutely get busy with each other no idea why. Yes, the laser the crap out of her chest,but she looks like she enjoys it like that some weird BDSM thing going on between thetwo of them. So he saw the season one was messed up withall that Stillwell relationship stuff. This just takes that to the next level.

There's a bunch more footage of Stormfrontflying around using her powers yet to get a better sense for how powerful she is. She's not nearly as strong as Homelander,but she has super strength. She can fly. She is lightning based powers he sort of likea combination of shazam at DC, in the Justice league and then Thor at Marvel and the Avengers. She comes from a team called payback in thecomics. That's obvious he meant to be a referenceto the Avengers at Marvel, but I don't know if the going to give her that back story onthe TV show was said to wait for the actual episodes. The big reminder the season is going to dropSeptember 4, but there airing episodes a little bit differently. So the first three episodes are going to dropFriday, September 4 all do a video for that. But then all the rest of the episodes willair once per week and I'm assuming after the finale is working to get that boys short movieabout butcher, so I'll do a separate video about that to but by the time we get towardsthe end of the boys season will be getting ready for the Mandalorian season two episodesof your big fan of Giancarlo Esposito.

He's gonna beat really huge during the boysseason two is kind of an antagonist and then also a big villain antagonist during the Mandalorianseason to in fact today he was actually busy getting people hyped up about playing withthe dark saber during the Mandalorian season to. So no worries all talk about all that stuffwhen they start dropping new Mandalorian season to footage will to be really soon, everyonejust let me know in the comments which your favorite part of this trailer what you mosthyped up about for the boys season two the party dropped a couple really big new boysseason two trailers and video clips you can click here to watch all of those super crazyand you can click here for that brand-new Marvel Shang Chi Teaser think you so muchfor watching everyone stay safe I'll see you guys tonight! 


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